Online Vocational Training
Course on Children Ergonomics
for Product Designers
1st January 2012 - 31st December 2013

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E-Child is an EU-project
that creates an online
vocational course that
assures the European
designer education and
training in ergonomics
applied to children.

This project has been funded with support from the European Commission. This publication reflects the views only of the author, and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained herein.

What do we want to do?

Enabling the designers to match the product innovation needs of the children's product industries

Increasing the competitiveness of European children's product industries in the world market

Working as a platform to connect European actors in the field of children's products



European industries developing products addressed to children (e.g. footwear, apparel, childcare, furniture, textiles or carriage) gather over 10.000 companies and employ 350.000 people in Europe.

Over last years, product differentiation strategies followed in these sectors have been based on assuring products' safety (i.e. compliance with safety standards). However, focus on safety no longer provides a protectable advantage since standards are already met by cheaper products from overseas competitors.
  In this sense, the overall aim of the E-Child project is the development and implementation of an online course addressed to the European design professionals in the field of children products.

E-Child will provide knowledge and skills in up-to-date methods for the application of children's ergonomics to the product development activities that will lead to an increase of competitiveness of the European companies leaning on a highly skilled and knowledge-based workforce.

E-Child will provide
knowledge and skills
in up-to-date methods


The E-Child course will gather all the needs derived from the child-product interaction including:

(fitting, anthropometry, growth)

(thermal comfort, perspiration)

motor aspects
(adaptation to movement)

(cognitive capacity)

combinations of the previous
(usability and safety)
At the end of the project, the course will be available in these languages: Bulgarian, English, Finnish, French, German and Spanish. The participating industrial and professional associations will keep the course as part of our training portfolio.

E-Child will be focused on the following sectors:

Children's wear and textiles
Childcare products:
car seats
changing units
high chairs
rocking chairs
swing and carriers
Public Project Deliverables


Children's Fashion Europe (CFE)
Contact person / Andrés Bosch
San Vicente 16
46002 Valencia, SPAIN
Tel/ +34-96-3910334 Fax/ +34-96-3155484

Asociación Española de Productos
para la Infancia (ASEPRI)
Contact person / Lores Segura
Calle San Vicente 16
46002 Valencia, SPAIN
Tel/ +34-96-3925151 Fax/ +34-96-3918370

Contact person / Véronique Legrand
34 rue Nationale
49321 Cholet Cedex, FRANCE
Tel/ +33-241-495723

Bulgarian Association of Apparel and
Textile Producers and Exporters (BAATPE)
Contact person / Anastassya Simeonova
Dragan Tzankov Blvd., WTC 36
1057 Sofia, BULGARIA
Tel/ +359-2-9693161 Fax/ +359-2-9693181

Finnish Association of Designers (Ornamo)
Contact person / Petra Ilonen
Annankatu 16 B 35-36
00120 Helsinki, FINLAND
Tel/ +358-9-68777422

Instituto de Biomecánica de Valencia (IBV)
Contact person / Clara Solves
Camino de Vera s/n, Universitat Politècnica
de Valencia, Edificio 9-C
46022 Valencia, SPAIN
Tel/ +34-963-879160

Swedish Telepedagogic Knowledge Centre (STPKC)
Contact person / Kennet Lindquist
Magasinsgatan 4
61130 Nyköping, SWEDEN
Tel/ +46-155-214222 Fax/ +46-155-287872

Instituto de Economía Publica (IEP)
Contact person / Francisco Loras
Marques de Soleto 5
46002 Valencia, SPAIN
Tel/ +34-96-3515585 Fax/ +34-96-3514810


Wanna learn more?
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Project Manager / Andrés Bosch
Address /
Calle San Vicente 16
46002 Valencia, SPAIN
email /
tel / +34-96-3910334

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